Backing Up Your Data

Data is everywhere. From emails and client records to analyses and operations files, it is a critical part of any business operation. It is also increasingly being regarded as a significant company asset. THE CAUSES OF DATA LOSS According to recent surveys, one in five small and mid-size businesses have lost data in the last year. Worse yet, one in ten will never recover that lost data. When you picture data loss, you may imagine a natural disaster, a terrible accident, or a cyber-attack. But the truth is that many data losses are caused by far less nefarious – and unfortunately more common – causes. The most prevalent causes of data loss are:
  • hardware malfunctions
  • human error
  • software corruption
  • computer viruses
  • natural disasters
DEALING WITH DATA LOSS Imagine losing access to email records, accounting documents, and customer financial information. You may not only lose productivity, but you might also lose your credibility within the marketplace. To avoid a loss, companies must protect any data that is important to them. If your business maintains records for clients, it is even more vital that you have a good backup strategy in place. While large corporations may have an internal IT department that ensures regular, comprehensive backups are performed, small and mid-size businesses often do not. It is critical to have a backup and recovery plan in place, but with so many choices out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. WHAT KIND OF BACKUP SOLUTION IS RIGHT FOR ME? When considering what sort of backup plan your company needs, you should ask yourself the basics: Why, What, When, and How. WHY SHOULD I BACK UP? The answer to this question should be obvious. If you want to stay in business and operate efficiently, you need to back up your data on a regular basis. Recovering data quickly and completely can be the difference between keeping your business open and shutting down. WHAT SHOULD I BACK UP? Any data that is essential to keeping your business up and running should be backed up on a regular basis. When considering what sort of data you should back up, think about:
  • Line of Business (LOB) Data
  • Emails
  • Client Records
  • Financial and Accounting Data
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Data
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Files and Folders
WHEN SHOULD I BACK UP? Any time your data changes, you should be backing it up. Depending on your business, it may be daily, hourly, or even more often. Because of this, a plan that backs up continuously or nearly-continuously is the safest bet if you have the budget. HOW SHOULD I BACK UP? The response to that question depends on how much data you have, your equipment, and your budget. Thought should also be given to what types of data loss you need to guard against, and how quickly you need to recover your data. ON-SITE VERSUS OFF-SITE DATA BACKUPS There are many ways to back up your data, and they include both on-site (i.e., local) and off-site options. On-site plans involve backing data up to local storage devices, such as hard drives, tapes, or optical media. An advantage of the on-site method is that you can maintain local control of data backups and immediately access your data without having internet access. However, depending on the type of backup you choose, on-site plans require administrative support and equipment investment. Off-site backup involves backing up data to a remote server or to the cloud. It has its advantages over on-site backup, the biggest of which is that if your data is compromised in any way, a copy can remain safe and secureoff-premises. Another bonus is that off-site cloud backup is accessible from anywhere, meaning geographically-dispersed employees can access it from remote locations. Of course, a hybrid solution that combines both on-site and off-site backup and recovery is the most comprehensive option. ARE YOU READY TO PREVENT DATA LOSS? Reveille Systems can work with you to design a robust backup plan that fits your needs and budget. If you want to know more about Reveille Systems’ Data Backup and Recovery offerings – or what we can do for your business – give us a call at 540-373-9595 today!