Proactive IT Consulting

Information Technology Consulting and IT Outsourcing for Small Business / Firms

Are you facing challenges with your current IT service provider, an aging IT network that requires hardware or software upgrades, or integration of a new technology to your IT network? Let Reveille Systems respond to these challenges with affordable customized solutions for your small business. We offer IT Consulting in Washington DC, IT Outsourcing, and virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO) services that enable you to maximize your IT investments, increase office productivity, and reduce IT support costs.

  • EVALUATIONS – a Top-down evaluation of your entire technology environment including as-built network design, hardware and software inventory, network security posture, configuration analysis, risk analysis and mitigation strategies, regulatory compliance review, and consultations for improvements to your IT (Information Technology) network.
  • PROJECT SUPPORT – from planning and requirements analysis to design and implementation, we help you understand small to medium business requirements for new and upgraded technologies; we then plan, design, and implement the new technology; and finally we provide onsite user training and turnover for maintenance on the technology; typical projects include Server Migration and Upgrade, Application Deployment, and Integration and Design of New Technologies.
  • BREAK / FIX SUPPORT – for our non-contract customers, we provide small to medium business consulting and support for service down or service degraded scenarios; these situations include workstation or server failures, data loss or corruption, security breach, or IT (Information Technology) network service disruption.
  • ACQUISITION AND PROCUREMENT IT SUPPORT – for our non-contract customers, we provide IT consulting & support for the acquisition and procurement of hardware and software solutions; our engineers and management team work with customers to refine business requirements and recommend solutions to meet business goals; once a procurement decision is made, Reveille Systems leverages our partnerships to maximize buying power for each firm order.

LEARN MORE If you want to know more about Reveille Systems’ Information Technology Consulting service offerings in Washington DC, Virginia & Maryland or what we can do for your small business or firm, give us a call at (540) 373-9595 or complete the contact form on this page.